X-ray NDT Inspection Systems

Whether in the automotive, electronics or aircraft industry or for ship and vessel construction, ADANI is offering industrial X-ray inspection systems for nondestructive material testing which can fit in any manufacturing process and guarantee highest quality and safety standards for industrial products.

  • Full cycle support from products design to testing procedures and high-quality service
  • Individual customer-oriented approach in product design and specification in conjunction with high-quality element base and high efficiency information processing algorithms
  • Full computer support modules of automated measurement control
  • Highly accurate detection of defects in manual and automatic modes
  • Visualization of control process in real time

ADANI NTD systems can deliver premium image quality with the industry's highest level of 'spatial resolution', 'density resolution' and 'signal-to-noise ratio'. Foreign materials such as pieces of metal, glass, stone could be detected inside an object in an instant.

We are especially involved in our customers' new development projects, helping them choose and apply the technologies that best meet their exact needs. 

Most NDT X-ray systems could provide quality assurance in a variety of settings, which include but are not limited to:

  • Aviation
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Industrial Plants (Nuclear, Petrochemical, Power, Refineries, Fabrication Shops, etc.
  • Pipelines
  • Railways
  • Food industry


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