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X-ray flaw detector


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FLOWD 8020 is a compact mobile X-ray system of conveyor type for quick and effective testing of X-ray protective clothing in accordance with IEC 61331-3:1998.

X-ray flaw detector FLOWD 8020 makes it possible to perform nonintrusive and nondestructive flaw-detective testing of X-ray protective clothing, to obtain visual information about its condition and to obtain information on the values of the attenuation equivalent and relative inhomogeneity of the X-ray protective material for the purpose to determine if such clothing fits for further use.

X-ray flaw detector FLOWD 8020 can also be used for:

  • checking actual value of attenuation equivalent and homogeneity of X-ray protective materials (X-ray protective gypsum plasterboard, lead-impregnated plastic, lead-impregnated rubber, etc.);
  • testing the homogeneity of sheet and roll material of different density and composition.
linev systems FlowD

Weight, kg, max.
Length, mm 1280
Width, mm 880
Height, mm 1500
Tunnel wigth, mm 870 ± 3
Tunnel higt, mm 240 ± 5
Roller table length, mm 1300
Roller table width, mm 750
Roller table hight, mm 200
Phase number
Voltage range, V
230 AC+ 10%
Frequency, Hz
Maximal power consumption, kV·A,
Distributed load on the conveyer, kg, max.
Conveyor speed, m/sec.
0,22 ± 0,03

LINEV Group FLOWD 8020 X-ray image


Anode voltage, Kv
- standard operating mode 80
Anode current, mA
- standard operating mode 1,2
Ambient dose equivalent rate in any accessible point at distance of 0,1 m from the outside surface of the X-ray system, μSv/h
≤ 1


  • Automatic determination of x-ray protective clothing and material attenuation equivalent;
  • Automatic determination of areas with attenuation equivalent loss more than 10% in relation to a nominal value;
  • Automatic coloring in red of areas with attenuation equivalent loss more than 10% in relative to nominal value;
  • Automatic determination of the relative material inhomogeneity used for the x-ray protective clothing;
  • Data fill in editor and printing the test protocol;
  • X-ray images and test reports archiving;
  • X-ray protective housing of the flaw detector, allowing its control both from touch screen secured to the scanner and from a remote pc ;
  • Availability of wheels and foldable roller conveyors ensure the mobility of the x-ray flaw detector and its easy transportation.


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Main page > X-ray Nondestructive Testing Inspection FLOWD 8020

FLOWD 8020

LINEV Group FLOWD 8020
LINEV Group FLOWD 8020
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