ADANI's FLOWD X-ray flaw detector gets a new look

15 December 2020 / ndt

The Design Department of the research and production enterprise ADANI together with the Pilot Production department presented a new design of the FLOWD X-ray flaw detector.

The FLOWD device is designed to control and measurement of X-ray protective clothing, the integrity of which does not only protect the vital organs of patients during X-ray examinations, but also makes the work of interventional cardiologists and radiologists safer while they are performing unique, often lengthy operations in the X-ray environment.

«The peculiarity of my work involves the mandatory use of X-ray protective clothing. I have often come across situations when my working day began with a large flow of unscheduled patients with acute coronary syndromes, heart attacks, the need to implant temporary pacemakers. And at the same time, due to the huge amount of routine work, there was no time and opportunity to determine microdamages on X-ray protective clothing. However, the specialists of ADANI company have solved this problem and developed equipment which makes it possible to find damages in just a few minutes – FLOWD, a compact and attractive from the point of view of the design device. It is especially important that such equipment can be placed right in the laboratory, and the doctor can independently check his clothes and check the result. This is undoubtedly valuable during the pandemic, when all doctors are fighting in extreme conditions for the lives of patients and are very busy. I am very happy that ADANI always cares about the life and safety of people», — said Interventional Cardiologist, X-ray Endovascular Surgeon Dr. Anthonies Joseph.

«Electronics and unique innovative algorithms developed at ADANI allow the equipment in an extremely short period of time (15-20 seconds) to analyze a full-size image of X-ray protective clothing, calculate the heterogeneity and determine the minimum damage to the lead protected layer of protective clothing with an area of ​​about 1 mm2 and more», - said the leading researcher of the enterprise Leonid Kurch.

FLOWD team en

The creative team of ADANI designers was engaged in the development of a unique style of the new device. Director of the Design Department Alexander Barlyugov said that in general, work on such projects lasts about 2 weeks, from concept development to the final stage - project presentation.

«Our goal is not limited to finding an attractive and modern design solution. The most important thing is to create a final product that meets the requirements of modern production. As for industrial design, the main task here is to avoid stereotypes, to think boldly and outside the box. ADANI produces unique equipment and it is impossible to be guided by general trends here», — he noted.

According to Alexander, industrial design is not only drawing and construction, but a team work in which everyone has a clear role.

The author of the idea, who brought the concept of the new device to life, is the designer of the enterprise Dmitry Ignatovich. He mentioned that the process of creating a new product goes through several stages - from the initial image and model of the product to the design development and creation of a prototype, which is as close as possible to the final serial product.

Evgeny Protasevich, lead design engineer of the project, believes that new experience is always interesting. «I have been working in the company for some months, and this is my first serious project in which I began to understand the unique ADANI approach. I find it interesting when you create a design, draw, and then take part in the assembly process. A person who only draws, but does not visit production and does not understand what is happening there, in my opinion, is unable to make a good viable product. The perfect balance is the harmony between a computer mouse and a wrench», — he said.

Designer Alexander Matyuk noted: «When you try to make impossible things possible in the course of project implementation, you gain valuable experience that can be further applied in other projects».

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